Community Dental Center

93 Main Street 3rd Floor Suite 15

Waterville, ME 04901

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Kennebec Valley Dental Coalition d/b/a


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Patient Testimonial

I am a 63 year old with a myriad of health issues including MS, two knee replacements and the general effects of aging. I have had to have teeth pulled because I could not afford the fix that my former dentist wanted to do, at the cost of thousands of dollars I did not have. I couldn't impress upon him the difference between a dental crown, and the need to keep a vehicle on the road and that my only choice would ever be investing in the vehicle! Then I met Dr. Lake, and the staff at CDC, and discovered HOPE!


Because of CDC, I have been fortunate to be able to have teeth repaired, not pulled. The biggest gift of all is that I no longer feel despair about how I'm going to pay for these valuable services. It is my sincere hope that Community Dental Center continues to receive necessary funding so that others in need can benefit from quality dental care.


It has been well proven that dental care is a Holistic issue, which can affect the entire picture of one's health and well being, mind/body/spirit. Having knee replacements, it is imperative that I do not risk internal infection, for fear of rejection of implants because of poor dental hygiene. To be able to maintain a mouth full of my own reasonably healthy teeth, and to now have access to regular dental hygiene visits, which I could not previously afford, instills hope and boosts my over all health immensely. There needs to be a connected circle of accessible, affordable dental care for EVERYONE, to help keep other major medical care costs down.


I once heard it said, by a Buddhist monk, "To lose one's smile is to lose one's spirit."


I am eternally grateful for the care I have received at Community Dental Center and I sincerely thank everyone who works there to make that care available, from Jess at the front desk to Dr. Lake and staff out back and everyone in between.


Thank you all. Sincerely, K.C.